You’re Not Lazy, Everyone Procrastinates!

Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered why you don’t just do whatever it is that needs to be done straight away instead of putting it off? Well, there’s actually a pretty good reason… and it’s not because you’re lazy.

When you procrastinate, you’re really trying to avoid stress. Do you put off doing fun things? No! You put off doing the hard stuff, the stuff that you know is going to take quite a bit of effort. Why? Because you’re already stressed to begin with and you don’t want to add to it.

If you’re mind wasn’t already full with the mental load that comes along with juggling work and family life, you’d be a lot more willing to dive in and do whatever it is you’ve been putting off.

Right now, I’m putting off filling out my self-assessment because it feels hard. I don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m already juggling a ton of other things. So I’m ignoring it! The problem is, the deadline’s getting closer so I’m starting to feel more stressed about it because I know the longer I leave it, the less time I’ll have to get my head round it.

Ironically, trying to avoid the stress that I’ve told myself I’ll feel when I sit down to fill out the forms, is causing me more stress!

So, how do we get over this?

Firstly, be kind to yourself. Accept that your life is hectic right now and know that you’re doing the best you can.

Secondly, find a better way of dealing with stress.

If you zone out on your phone or in front of the TV for hours at night, it’s because it feels good in the moment. But then ‘zoning out’ becomes your default coping mechanism. You’ll find that you do it more and more at work and when you’re spending time with your family because your stress levels are getting higher and higher.

Stress is stored in your body. That’s why when you’re stressed, you’ll often find knots in your neck and shoulders. Stretching helps to release the tension and lower stress.

So really what I’m saying is stop procrastinating when it comes to yoga 😆 Find a time once or twice this week where you’ll be able to practice for 20-30 minutes, and know that, if you actually do it, you’ll feel good in the moment and afterwards too.

So, after I hit send, I’m going to head over to the self-assessment website, fill out that damn form and then roll out my mat.

What are you going to do today that you’ve been avoiding?

Nicola x


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