We do yoga little & often



Our yoga time is non-negotiable


We're all about balance

(We enjoy a wee drink at the weekend!)




Founder of Yoga Mums, Mum of two amazing, feisty little girls and recovering secondary school teacher! 

Like most people, I began yoga as a form of exercise but quickly realised it was so much more than that. It became my sanctuary, the place I got rest bite from my overthinking.

After having practiced on and off for 15 years, I decided I wanted to dive deeper so, in 2015, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

My first daughter, Charlotte was born in December 2016, followed not too far behind by her sister, Georgia in 2018.

Having benefitted so much from my yoga practice throughout both pregnancies, I decided to train in Prenatal, Post Natal and Mum & Baby Yoga in 2021.




Personal growth is one of my core values. It's why yoga is so important to me. When I'm on my mat, the world melts away and I'm able to tune in.

But after I had my youngest daughter, I found I couldn't commit to making it to my local yoga studio at set times to do hour+ long practices. 

I wanted to be an amazing mum to my girls so I completely dedicated myself to caring for them but I felt completely drained.

Eventually, I realised that I felt this way because I wasn't living in alignment to my values and I wasn't practising self-care.

In my attempts to meet their every need, I was losing myself. And I knew I'd lose the connection I had with them too if I carried on down that path.

So I made a promise to myself, I would find a way back to my mat.

From then on, at least 4 nights a week, after my girls went to bed, I did 20-30 minutes of yoga.

Eventually, I started to feel more like myself and I felt more connected to my girls.

That was several years ago now and I still practice this way, with the exception that I now practice early in the morning.

My yoga practice has gifted me so much... I feel connected to myself AND to my daughters.

It's now my mission to empower other Mums to live life, true to them.

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"I love the fact that Nicola takes on board all feedback from the group and is always there to answer any questions you may have on technique. It’s made me realise that it is possible to practice daily - even if it’s only for 10 minutes - and the benefits of it are great! "

Kirsty Torrecilla

"Nicola is approachable, responsive and so committed to her Recharge members. If you engage with the membership, it will make a huge impact on your flexibility, strength, health, well-being and your ability to manage all other areas of your life."

Katy Henry